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Using a professional dedicated pool inspector is your best bet when buying a home with an in ground, above ground  or indoor pool. A home inspector may be going thru a checklist they downloaded from the internet but they are not pool experts, we are....   There is no hidden agenda here. We are here for you and only serve your interest.


Site Inspection

 The entire pool environment is inspected starting with safety concerns for the home owner and perimeter security at the property. We then check all mechanical systems that support and operate your future pool. Overall structural integrity, mechanical systems, support equipment and electrical safety is included in our comprehensive inspection. 

While generating a swimming pool inspection report, our Doctor Pool Inspections checks over 200 items of each pool and the related equipment. We report on safety issues, condition and functions of the pool and ancillary items. 


Written Report

Within 48 hours of inspecting your pool you will receive a comprehensive e-mailed report written in easy to use language with complete photo documentation of all inspected areas. Components and systems are described in plain English with the first time pool owners interests in mind. We include a full water analysis.  We are available to discuss anything in the report that you, or anybody involved in your transaction needs. When we generate your pool report, we include the anticipated costs for repairs that are found to be needed. All repairs we recommend are reported from the viewpoint of conditions of the pool as it relates to standards on the day of the inspection.   Since we’re not approaching the inspection through the lens of a contractor, our professional recommendations are trustworthy.  Call to schedule your inspection today.



Your home will probably be the biggest investment of your life. You wouldn't think of buying it without a professional home inspection. There's no reason to not treat one of the biggest parts of it, your new pool, to the same careful treatment.  We assume that the purchase of your new home may be the first time you have any experience with a swimming pool. Our inspection report contains much useful information the new pool owner needs.

Call to book your inspection Toll Free 1-800-891-2749


Regular Service

Monday - Friday 9 am - 6 pm

Schedule your inspection online, includes our detailed report and photos



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Weekend & Holidays

Sat / Sun / Holiday / Evenings

Weekend / Holiday after regular hour inspections are available, includes our detailed report



Pressure testing 1.png

Pressure Testing

Monday - Friday 9am - 6pm

Pressure testing of the pools plumbing systems



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