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By The Doctor Pool Professionals

Our Closings include all required chemicals

You can count on Doctor Pool to meet and exceed all your expectations when Closing your pool.  We offer a number of different options, allowing you to tailor your pool closing to your needs.  Convenient online booking is available allowing you to not only pick the day of your closing but the time as well. Book a Flex Closing and Save 10%.   

Specify the type of Closing you require, optional extras and get an instant price and appointment.   Our online booking service is hosted by Square Limited.  

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Your Closing includes....

*Pump Down / Drain Water to correct level

*Remove and store pool ladder(s)

*Skim Pool Surface / empty baskets

*Remove Diving Boards if Requested (we suggest leaving in place)

*Weight down lights

*Winterize pool plumbing lines and cap off

*Winterize skimmer with gizzmo and plugs as required

*Winterize pump(s), filter, heater & other equipment

*Super Chlorinate up to 20 litres of chlorine included

*Pool/Potable water safe Anti-freeze added 

*Closing Chemical Kit added

*Install Cover

*Fill & Place Water Bags if required

***Doctor Pool Weekly or Bi-weekly clients will have their pool properly cleaned and water chemistry correct for your closing and we will ensure a  seamless closing. 

****additional charges apply for water features with separate pump, spas, solar systems, drop in sand filled stairs, extra covers,  fitted vinyl winter covers, please see pricing below.

With a Flex Date Closing you still choose a date and receive all of the listed above Doctor Pool Professional services,  you save by having some flexibility in your closing date.   Your closing will be scheduled a maximum of plus or  minus 3 days from your requested date.  As an example, a Thursday is your preferred date, we will confirm with you one week prior to closing the exact date and approximate time, it could be as early as Monday of that week or as late as Sunday.

If you have the ability to drain the pool water to the appropriate winter levels, then the partial closing is the option for you, all of our other full closing features are included.  We will contact you to confirm the required water level before your closing.

If you only need our professional staff to blow your lines and winterize your equipment please select this option.  You drain the water, remove stairs, ladders & diving boards , skim leaves, and put your own cover on.

Additional Charges

Water Falls / Features with separate pump $40

attached spa / hot tub $125

2nd winter cover  $75

solar system $60

Drop in Stairs with Sand bags $100.00 

Salt Cell Cleaning $44.00

Deep Clean Filter Cartridges $170.00  

Vacuuming / Leaf Removal before close $125 per hr.

all prices are plus hst


Vacuum & clean your pool, and remove all debris prior to closing

Ensure your pool water is balanced (proper water chemistry)

Remove drop in stairs.  

Leave out winterizing plugs, cover and water bags (if required) .


Water not properly balanced or dirty can lead to staining or damage to your pool surfaces over the winter.

We are not responsible for winter covers coming out of the track or loose from failed water bags.

Keep your sump well empty over the winter. (If installed)  

Electrical power must be turned off at the breaker panel located in your home, we will not be responsible for any damages to equipment should this not be done.

Get in Touch  1-800-891-2749

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