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 Prowler Robotic Cleaners

Robotic Cleaners can take some of the work away from keeping your pool looking sparkling clean.  We sell Pentair Prowler Cleaners the industry finest.  Buying from a Pentair Dealer gives you piece of mind, all units bought from Doctor Pool come with a 2 year parts and labour warranty,  we include local delivery, set-up and training in all our pricing. 

Prowler 910
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Step up to robotic cleaning with the new Prowler 910 Robotic Aboveground Cleaner. Just plug it in and watch as Prowler makes fast work of dirt. Its deep-scrubbing and powerful vacuuming action effortlessly captures large and fine debris, depositing it into a self-contained, fine-mesh basket. With Prowler 910 on the job, your pool is always sparkling clean, inviting and ready to enjoy.

Prowler 917

With a high-speed scrubbing brush and a wall climber, the Prowler 917 Robotic Pool Cleaner, powered by Dolphin®, provides a deep clean from top to bottom on any pool surface.2 cartridge and 2 mesh panels provide superior hybrid filtration – with a top-access filtration basket for fast and easy debris removal. High-speed scrubbing brush with wall climbing abilities. Designed to work on any pool surface: Concrete, Plaster, Gunite, Tile, Vinyl, Fiberglass. 50-foot cable is perfect for pools up to 33 feet. Weekly timer with a two hour cleaning cycle

Prowler 920
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The Prowler 920 Robotic Inground Pool Cleaner offers a superior level of cleaning for inground pools.  Your pool’s walls and floor get deep-scrubbing and powerful vacuuming action, all the way up to the tile line.  Prowler 920 comes with separate mesh baskets made for either large or fine debris, so you can customize the filtration level or do a lightning-fast swap out during preparty touchups. Just plug it in and watch it go to work. Prowler 920 will get your pool sparkling clean and ready to enjoy in practically no time.

Prowler 930
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The Prowler 930 robotic inground pool cleaner pairs Bluetooth®* wireless technology with deep-scrubbing action to deliver the ultimate in performance and convenience. Plus, the Prowler 930 works independently from your pool’s filtration system, and there is no added booster pump to run. Cost-efficient, eco-friendly cleaning has never been easier.


  • Ultimate convenience with smart device control featuring Bluetooth®* wireless technology

  • All-surface deep cleaning using a powerful, high-speed scrubbing brush

  • Captures large and ultra-fine debris with a top-access basket for easy emptying

  • A robust caddy enables mobility and easy storage

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