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You can count on Doctor Pool to meet and exceed all your expectations when opening your pool.  We offer a number of different options, allowing you to tailor your pool opening to your needs.  Convenient online booking is available allowing you to not only pick the day of your opening but the approximate time as well.  Choose our convenient FLEX option, and save 10% on your opening, your pool will be opened within 3 days of your selected date.   Specify the type of opening you require, optional extras and get an instant price and appointment.  Payment is requested at time of opening we accept credit/debit cards and cash.  Our online booking service is hosted by Square Limited, no deposit or credit card is required to secure your booking. 

Safety Coverfrom $315

Get Ready for summer


Includes second visit

SAVE - Drain winter Water & Debris yourself


Save - Drain Water off cover & Remove Debris yourself

Deluxe $695

Includes vacuuming & so much more.

Additional Charges

Initial Vacuum per hr. $109

Initial Vacuum Our Pump & Filter $189

waterfall / water feature $40 

attached spa / hot tub $105

2nd cover removal $75

solar system $50 

Should you wish us to add salt $12.95 per 20kg bag

Chemical Opening Kit $49.95

all prices are plus hst

What's included.... 

If you book a Deluxe or Full Opening be sure to take advantage of our great prices on Pool Chemicals - now with a price match guarantee;  at the time of our second visit we will bring and add any additional chemicals (buffers, stabilizers, etc) to get your pool up and running for the season. 

Order your pool chemicals for the Season or just the start of the season and have them delivered for free at time of opening. - now with a price match guarantee 

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