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Product Features

  • The Echo analyzes your pool surface to make cleaning as efficient as possible
  • Easy-clean net basket & choice of 2 filter levels
  • 2-Year warranty
  • Obstacle escape system prevents the Echo from being trapped
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Fast, debris-free water release system
  • Top-access filtration system, Easy to remove and clean net canister
  • Climbs Walls
  • 2 hour cleaning duration
  • Echo's Active brush spins 2x faster than the speed of the unit, resulting in enhanced all surface cleaning


Product Specifications

CableLength45 ft
CycleTime2 hrs
FilterPorosityEasy-Clean Net
FilterType2 Level Filter Basket
ItemRobotic Pool Cleaner
ModelEcho M1
PoolSizeUp to 33 ft
PowerSupplyIndustrial Leading Energy Efficiency

Dolphin Echo M1

SKU: May-20-1039
C$1,120.00 Regular Price
C$899.00Sale Price
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